How does reseller hosting function?

What is the customer base of the reseller web page hosting solution traders?

It involves website designers or design corporations dealing mostly with design services. Small-scale Internet Service Providers, enterprising SEO webmasters and various Internet entrepreneurs are also involved with the hosting reseller picture.

Well-known reseller webspace hosting models

At present, the most popular marketing type is the cPanel reseller web hositng service, where the reseller pays in advance for a particular reseller web hosting account (with specific amounts of disk space, traffic, hosted domain names, etc. on a monthly basis (at wholesale prices). Then the reseller account is split into minute shared website hosting accounts, which are subsequently sold to the customers at retail prices determined by the reseller. The reseller's profit is formed by the difference between the wholesale and the retail hosting prices.

cPanel's third party invoicing transaction management software setup

The cPanel-based reseller hosting has to take care of the invoicing transaction management platform supply (a merchant account connected with a 3rd party invoice transaction management platform is required) and the 24/7 client and sales support system supply. The reseller also plays the role of a link between the customers and the domain registrar where the domain names are actually being registered, transferred or renewed on clients' behalf (a domain names reseller account working with the billing system is compulsory as well).

No domain name, billing transaction and client support administration user interfaces in cPanel?!?

While on the subject, cPanel does not offer any domain name registration, billing transaction and trouble ticket administration GUIs. These are part of the 3rd party invoicing software system. Remarkably exciting. And modern. A state-of-the-art twenty-first century solution: two client login locations (the cPanel web site hosting CP itself and the invoice/technical support/domain management tool). And this is merely for starters...

Rare, yet better reseller hosting options

In very rare cases you might be lucky to come across other quite rewarding cloud hosting reseller setups, such as the one invented by ResellersPanel. There are no monthly reseller charges or down payments. It's as plain as that: if a transaction is accomplished, there is a fee, in all other cases - there is not. Sounds like with ResellersPanel there are no financial hazards for the resellers. Our opinion is that ResellersPanel's model is perhaps way better than the presently very well-known cPanel hosting reseller platform. Read further to get to know why.

ResellersPanel - the peril-free reseller web page hosting model

First and foremost, unlike the cPanel reseller site hosting merchants, ResellersPanel will not charge the reseller one single dime. Not unless the reseller generates any new sales or renewals. Which is very logical, as a matter of fact. This curtails the financial risk to ground-zero levels. With ResellersPanel's reseller hosting program, the reseller is not involved with monthly or annual prepayments, subscriptions, reseller charges or installments whatsoever. Whereas the popular cPanel-based reseller web page hosting model is based exclusively on monthly or annual prepayments and subscriptions, which signifies... much bigger financial risks. In contrast with ResellersPanel's reseller website hosting system, the cPanel reseller hosting scheme is not interested in whether the reseller has made any bargains or not - the monthly or annual reseller subscriptions have to be paid on schedule, in other words have to be paid up front. Period.

American, European and Aussie clustered web site hosting plans

ResellersPanel is not simply a peril-free reseller web site hosting system. ResellersPanel offers ACTUAL CLOUD SITE HOSTING accounts for reselling. Everywhere else, there is some limited evidence for the existence of a cloud hosting environment. The cloud hosting packages the resellers can custom build and sell on behalf of their website hosting brand names are available at 4 datacenter facility sites: in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Sweden and in Australia! How many cPanel reseller web space hosting suppliers present multi-continent datacenter facility location choices? How many cPanel web hosting companies provide cloud hosting services to the resellers and to their clientele?

VPS, semi-dedicated hosting server and dedicated hosting reseller services

How many reseller website hosting companies, with the exception of ResellersPanel, allow their resellers to offer VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated hosting at very competitive rates? Hepsia, the industry-leading web hosting CP, is included there as well, by default, at no extra or added expense. Unlimited hosted domain names, SSH and full server root privileges are also added in the feature-rich web server packages. What's more, the resellers can also sell more than fifty generic and country code top-level domain names and SSL certificates to their clientele.